Open Online Course Students

Peoples-uni Open Online Course Students


Starting in 2014, we developed a series of courses to be available to anyone at no cost. Most were developed by Peoples-uni, but a number were developed by others and hosted on our site. Courses led to a certificate of completion based on accessing the resources and taking, or passing, a multiple choice question test. The early experience is described here This report updates this early experience to the time that Peoples-uni transferred the website to new owners, early in 2021.

32 courses were developed and offered at various times over the period. You can see details of the 21 of these on another page on this site – these are the courses developed by Peoples-uni ans available for others to use. Students enrolled in 7006 courses, although a number of students took more than one course. A certificate of completion was gained by students in 1768 courses, a completion rate of 25%.