Peoples-uni timeline

Peoples-uni timeline

Timeline – how Peoples-uni developed

Date Event Comment
Phase One
2006 Small team of colleagues in Manchester, UK explores idea for low cost public health capacity building in LMICs*. Builds on opportunities presented by the advent of OER** and availability of an open online platform (Moodle).
2007 Situation analysis performed in six developing countries. Few opportunities for master’s-level education in LMICs and large need identified.Focus on master’s level to develop future trainers to accelerate local workforce development.
2007 People’s Open Access Education Initiative (Peoples-uni) registered as UK charity. Educational purpose stated, but no registration as formal educational provider.
2007 Small team worked with Royal Society for Public Health to develop curriculum and course structure. Course based on previous experience of online learning and sound educational principles.
2008 Pilot Maternal Mortality module established on Moodle and run with 30 students in Africa and two tutors. Positive experience and feedback.
2008 Volunteer tutors to develop course modules and IT support identified through networks.
First six modules offered. All modules ran to timetable, fully supported by tutors and IT support, student feedback was positive.
2009 - 2011 Additional modules offered. Certificates and diplomas awarded.
Phase Two
2011 Partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) commenced after modification of modules and addition of Dissertation - Master of Public Health (MPH) degree approved. Large amount of administrative work to ensure compliance with requirements of a formal UK master’s level award. Tutors and students continue to increase in numbers.
2013 Partnership with MMU ceases after four semesters of student entry. Attempts to identify alternative university partner commence. High quality of education acknowledged. Difficulty in finding alternative partner.
Phase Three
2014 Open Online Courses (OOC) site developed for free access to self-paced courses covering additional topics. Offers topics not usually included in MPH programmes, and introductory public health courses. Hosting and development of courses for external partners.
2015 - 2021 Modules continue to be offered at master’s level. MPH awarded through Euclid University. OOCs continue to be developed and offered. Quality assurance maintained and course development continues.
March 2021 Peoples-uni closes and programme transferred to

* Low- to Middle-Income Countries

** Open Educational Resources

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