September heralds the start of a new academic year so if you are about to commence your studies, have you alredy decided what courses to take and if not, what issues are helping to shape your decision?For those of you familiar with Peoples-uni and the courses offered, it will come as no surprise that we offer approximately 15 modules every semester.
Dr Puja Myles is a volunteer and member of the Leadership Group. Puja is a Public Health Academic based in the Division of Epidemiology and Public Health, at the University of Nottingham, UK. In this article she shares her reflections on a course that teaches how to learn. By the time we reach MPH level study we often assume that we know how to study effectively, but you may be surprised by some of the issues Puja summarises below.
If you are a regular reader of the Peoples-uni Blog you may already be studying Public Health, working in Public Health or teaching it. However, you may have stumbled across these pages while doing some late night surfing. Or you may know somebody who doesn't yet work in Public Health but has potential and may be a bit nervous about signing up to an expensive course of study.
One of the reasons for establishing the Peoples-uni Blog was to create a useful resource for our students, volunteers and readers. Ebola is dominating world news and on Wednesday (12th August 2014) the World Health Organisation announced that untested drugs can be used to treat patients infected with the virus.