Applying for Peoples-uni courses

Peoples-uni courses are offered in two (2) academic semesters; semester starting in March and semester starting in September and the course application window opens within two months before a semester starts (that is January/July). During this period, all registered students are notified and invited to apply for the semester's course(s).

There are three steps in the application process:

1. Register with Peoples-uni. If you are yet to be registered in Peoples-uni, please complete our registration form here.

2. Take the Preparing to Study course. You will be sent login details and information about accessing the course here once you have completed the registration form. Completing the course is a requirement to enrol in your first module.

3. Apply for the next semester. If you have already registered or are an existing student, please complete the application form here.

Before you apply for our courses, ensure that you have read our module descriptions at

Please note: applications for the EUCLID MPH are made after graduation through Peoples-uni, so all applications and correspondence regarding applications should be through Peoples-uni.

Change of module selection after course application form has been submitted: Once you have submitted an application, you cannot make any changes to your application.  If you wish to change your module selection(s) after you have submitted your application, kindly write to the Peoples-uni Helpdesk and inform them of the changes you would like to make to your application.  Please do not submit a new application form as this will create a duplicate application and cause potential confusion.


Modules not completed in previous semester(s): You can re-enroll in the module(s) you did not complete in the previous semester. All you have to do is to select the module(s) when filling the course application form for a new semester. Kindly note that there is a limit to the number of times you can apply for the same module (on re-enrolling we expect you to already understand the necessary time commitment and be confident that you can make the required commitment).


Modules failed in previous semester(s): You can re-enrol in a module you failed in the previous semester, provided that you have not already made two assignment re-submission attempts (in addition to your first submission).  All you have to do is to select the module(s) when filling the course application form for a given semester but it is important to know that you can only achieve a maximum of 50% in your final assignment, as any subsequent submissions will be regarded as resubmissions.

If you have any questions, contact the helpdesk (