Course fees and Payment options

Enrolling in a Peoples-uni module/unit costs £40 each - after 8 modules/units you are eligible for a Diploma and may be eligible to take the Dissertation (where the cost is £180) to build to an MPH Masters degree - so the total cost of a Peoples-uni Diploma is £320 and Masters is £500. [Note: there are limited opportunities for students from High Income Countries to enrol - fees are higher at £300 per module and £600 for the Dissertation.]

We are no longer enrolling students in the Manchester Metropolitan University Master of Public Health (MMU MPH) programme. We are negotiating with another UK University to take the place of MMU, and expect the fees to be similar to those charged for the MMU MPH programme - that is £1500 (this is for a 2-year enrollment - if you take longer than 2 years, you may be asked to pay an extra £60 per year). You may be able to pay in instalments over a 2-year period. It is still possible to enrol in the MPH programme with Peoples-uni.

Instructions about the payment method will be sent when your application to enrol is approved.

There are four main methods of payment :

  1. For those who have a credit card, payment can be made online through WorldPay. The URL to make payment is =YOUR SID
  2. For those with a bank account, you can transfer money to Barclays Bank in the UK. Details:
    Branch: Barclays Bank, Manchester City, PO Box 357, 51 Mosley Street, Manchester UK.
    Account name: Peoples Open Access Education Initiative
    Account number: 93777308
    Sort code: 20-55-34
    IBAN: GB82 BARC 2055 3493 7773 08
  3. You can also transfer money to Ecobank account in Nigeria. You would need to pay the cost of a module in Naira (NGN20,000 for a module). Details:
    Branch: Wuse II, Abuja
    Account name: Datasphir Solutions Limited
    Account number: 0122270018

  4. You can send money directly through Western Union which is available in most countries. Please give the receiver's name as:
    Mrs Elisabeth Jane Madhok,
    People's Open Access Education Initiative,
    Manchester UK.

Please ensure that you notify the helpdesk after you have made payment using any of the options above excluding online payment.

If you are unable to pay, we may be able to waive the fees in some circumstances, although these will be limited and competitive - you will be asked to justify the reasons for a fee waiver at the time of application for enrolment.

We have kept the fees for the Peoples-uni modules to a level where we are just covering the computer costs we incur but if you really are unable to find this amount of money, and you intend to make use of the education in ways which support the aims of Peoples-uni we have limited funds available to cover costs in approved cases.  If this applies to you please make sure that you provide all the information requested on the application form and your request will be considered.

MPH students - you are not able to enrol for the MPH programme until you have successfully completed at least 2 modules as a Peoples-uni student (see above).  We have kept the fees to a minimum and expect that students will either fund themselves or obtain sponsorship. 

  • If you are in a position to pay the full cost, and are accepted academically then you will be able to start in the coming semester. 
  • If you are unable to fund yourself or obtain sponsorship for all or part of the cost we have very limited funds available to provide scholarship support to a small number of students who meet specific criteria. The application form has a section for you to request scholarship support. You will still need to apply for academic acceptance in the semester after you have passed two modules with Peoples-uni, but you will not be able to start the course until the following semester whilst we consider your request. (We can only consider requests from students who meet the academic requirements).  We will try to ensure that you have a final answer on the question of scholarship support 2 months before the start of the next semester. 
Please make sure that you provide all the information requested carefully. 
In considering any request for scholarship support we will be looking particularly at what you have done to try to get sponsorship and what you intend to do with the learning which supports the aims of Peoples-uni as well as the reasons why you are not able to pay the full fee and what proportion of it you could pay.